TheraCave is Physical Therapy Clinic located in Fort Lauderdale that provides sports injury, accidents injury, low back and neck pain, vertigo, TMJ, orthopedic injury treatments. 

Treatments: Ultrasound Diagnostics, Dry needling, Shockwave therapy, spinal adjustments, deep tissue release, myofascial release, Tapping, joint mobilizations, Cupping Therapy Therapeutic exercises 

PIP insurance and Medicare Accepted

Same day Appointments!

Assesment of TMJ, spine, low back, neck, vertigo, knee, hip, ankle sprain, shoulder impingement


First visit includes thorough clinical examination to identify the injury or the problem.

The Physical Therapist will inform you about what are the Physical therapy treatment recommendations to your case


Exercise Prescription

You will be set up with exercise program app to be able to continuously working on your physical goals. 

Dry needling


Dry Needling is an evidenced based treatment for headaches, neck pain, back pain, knee and shoulder pain, IT band, plantar fasciitis and many more conditions.

Adjustments-spinal manipulation for low back and neck pain

Spinal Manipulation

Also know as adjustments. TheraCave Physical Therapy provides SMTs to eliminate back, neck and extremities pain and joint stiffness. 

cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping provides decompressive effect of inflamed and tight tissues.

Kinesiology taping

Kinesiology Tape

Helps to provide stability and decompression to inflamed tissue without restricting movement.

Dry needling for TMJ dysfunctions

Facial Dry Needling

An alternative to Botox injections but without chemicals, useful for TMJ and headaches.

Ask us about TMJ rehabilitation 

Physical therapy for pain and root cause

Performance Optimization

You do not need to have a major injury to start Physical Therapy . Many of our patients receive recovery ad performance enhancing sessions. 

TheraCave's Mission

Is to provide physical therapy solutions for chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries in a 1 on 1, 1 hour long sessions without going to other rooms and seeing other patients. 

Manual Therapy Expertise

 TheraCave Physical Therapy provides personalized pain management and rehab in one on one setting.

  Physical Therapy treatment works best with combination of Manual Therapy and exercise. TheraCave is committed to provide a wide array of therapy techniques that will enhance your recovery and give you a fair chance to avoid surgery, medications and injections.

Sneak Peak!

An example of treatment in TheraCave. However, treatment will very based on your condition and other factors.

Services Featured: Dry needling, Spinal adjustments, Myofascial releases, Garston Technique, IASTM, trigger point therapy, TMJ therapy, cupping therapy, Rehabilitation, ART, Deep tissue massage

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